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Jornadas de Inglês

18 Abril, 2016 - 19 Abril, 2016

Este ano, as XV Jornadas de Inglês, promovidas anualmente pelo departamento são dedicadas aos Estudos Americanos e têm por tema “A Galáxia Americana: Sonhos e Acções”.


April 18

09:30 — Opening Session

The Dean of the Institute of Arts and Humanities;

The Head of the Department of English and North-American Studies;

Director of the Research Centre;

Professor of American Literature and Culture, Prof. Jaime Costa

10:00 — “Undisclosed: Refusal and Possibility in Black Narrative History.” Professor Derrais Carter, Portland State University. Fulbright Grantee at Charles University Czech Republic.

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 —Prof. Marcin Kleban, Jagellonian University, Cracow – “English across boundaries: communicating, learning and teaching.”

12:45 — Lunch

14:30 — Master of Arts in English Language, Literature and Culture, Presentation & Student Research panels.

16:00 — Coffee Break

16:30 — “British Invaders: the influence of the British on the USA” panel presented by English Culture (LLE) students.

All day — Second Hand Book Sale -NECLLEUM


April 19

9:30 — Richard Zimler, “A Writer on Writing.”

10:30 — Presentation of the Project on Collaborative translation: PenPal in Translation, Prof. Filomena Louro, Dra. Ana Chaves and Prof. Fernando Ferreira Alves, DEINA, Universidade do Minho.

11:30 — DEINA’s Doctoral Program Presentation / Research Panel by Doctoral Students.

12:30 — Lunch


14:30 — Poetry Declamation (Theater Couse students).

15:30 — Coffee Break.

16:30 — Forty years of Personal Bonds and Memories roundtable by DEINA’s former students and teachers.

17:30 — Closing Remarks & Porto de Honra.

— LITERATUNA – Tuna de Letras da Universidade do Minho.



18 Abril, 2016
19 Abril, 2016


Prof. Jaime Costa
João Jorge Pereira
Anabela Rato